I know there are lots of body building applications to handle your exercises on the Play Store, however allow me reveal to one of the best.

If you’re searching for an android app that will assist you with your bodybuilding routine, then the Hercules Workout Log & Tracker is definitely one to take into consideration.

It’s Simple To Use

Where heavy lifting in monitoring your workouts is concerned, Hercules is there for you!

Hercules Android App - Modify A Workout

All you have to do is create your program, build your exercises, establish your repetitions, weights and rest times and…you’re done! For example:

Next, begin your routine, and allow the app to lead you through it. It will then show you what to do at the best time:

Note your performance throughout your rest times, the various fields are pre-filled so if you attain your objectives, you have nothing to do but rest!

It’s Smart and Powerful

Hercules handles pyramid sets, so you can set a number of reps and also a different weight for every set! There is also an effective and powerful search engine for your workouts so you can locate any sort of exercise in seconds.

It handles all the timers for you, as well as telling you when to start your following set by a sound or vibrating the phone.

Share your performances with friends on social media and email. An unusual, though nonetheless useful addition is the option to export data in BBcode format which many online forums use for formatting posts.

Hercules Androin App - Your Performances

At the end of your exercise routine, Hercules calculates your progression on the entire regimen, and for each workout. You can see your progression in the variety of reps and total weight lifted.

It’s Both Flexible And Handy

You can add your own workouts and programs, and you can also link any pictures taken with your smart device to whatever exercise you want! Throughout your workout, if you can not do an exercise because a machine is unavailable, you’re able to change to another workout on the fly. You’ll can always return to the previous exercise later.

When changing the goals for a particular workout, it will show you your last performance so you’re in a position to select the appropriate reps/weight to use the next time!

Hercules has actually been made to provide you with the information you require, when you need it. You can consult your previous performance at each section of your workout to see if you can beat it!

Hercules Android App - Check Your Previous Performance

You can also totally skip a workout from your routine and no performance figures will be recorded.

Final Thoughts

All you have to do is create your routine, add your workouts, establish your reps and weights and you’re done! You can consult your latest performance at each part of your workout to see if you can better it! You can include your own workouts and regimens, and you can even associate photos taken with  your smartphone with whatever exercise you desire!

Hercules frees you up so you can give your full concentration to your routine without having to worry about tracking what you’re doing.

Download Hercules absolutely free from the Play Store!  There is a 7-day trial period where you can use the app completely free but after the trial period expires, you have to pay an in-app fee to continue using it. It’s only a few bucks, but it’s worth it!